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One Day I Walk Tab

                    ONE DAY I WALK - Bruce Cockburn
Tabbed by: Jake Redekopp
Email: jascha00

This is the live version from Circles In The Stream - the studio version
might be slightly different.
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                 |---3--|     |---3--|                                    
      Q    E  E  E   E  E     E   E  E  E  E  E  E      Q.     E   E  E   
                                  |--3--|             |---3--|  |---3--|   
  Q.     E  Q      3x   Q    Q    S  S  S E     E  E  E   E  E  E   E  E   
  Q    E  E  E   E  E     H.             

Verse 1:
   A      G      D           Bm          A
Oh I have been a beggar, and will be one again
            G          D                Bm              A
and few are those with help to lend within the world of men

    A             D   A
One day I walk in flowers
One day I walk on stones
  D   E         A
Today I walk in hours
    E     G        A
One day I shall be home

Then play the intro, ignoring the repeats.

Verse 2:
I have sat on the street corner
and watched the bootheels shine
and cried out glad and cried out sad
with every voice but mine. 

Chorus, singing the last line twice

Outro: Play the intro, ignoring the repeats