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I Feel Good Chords


I feel good - James Brown
Tabbed by Dan Fuller

This is an easy song for guitar built around 3 chords, It is a standard 12 bar blues for the verse. Any comments and suggestions can be sent to me at

Chords used:
G7 - 353433
C7 - 335353
D7 - 557575

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I feel good, I knew that i would
I feel good, i knew that  would
So good
So good
I got you

This is repeated for the 'i feel nice' verse

When i hold you in my arms, i know that i cant do no wrong
           C7                      D7
And when i hold you in my arms, my love wont do you no wrong

Then you get the verse repeat again. that should cover the whole song, the rest is just a variation of the parts shown here. Praise the lord!