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Gavins Song Chords

This is a great song. this guy is from Louisana and he has a real soulful voice.
this is my first tab so let me know what you think. 
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Artist: Marc Broussard
Song: Gavin's Song
Album: Carencro

Verse 1
C#m7                  G#
I wish you freedom, I wish you peace 
C#m7                                G#
I wish you nights of stars that beckon you to sleep 
Fm                         Gm                    C#m7
I wish you heart ache that leaves you more the man
Bbm                   Fm          C#m7         G#
I wish i could be there but I can't

Verse 2

I wish places that sit so still
Where people never ever change and never ever will
I wish I could hold you adn make you understand 
I wish i couls be there buT I can't
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G#                  Cm  C#m7            Fm         G
Be good For your momma cause she'll need a hand to hold 
           Cm  C#m7    Fm                A#
Boy she loves you more than you'll ever know.
            Bbm                   Cm            Bbm                   Cm 
There are rhymes adn there are reasons and times when nothing stays the same 
           C#m              D#m
But you know my love still remains

Verse 3
I wish you wisdom, I wish you years
I wish you army's to conquer all your fears
I wish you courage for all that life demands
i wish i could be there but i cant


Vwerse 4 

i wish we were together
i wish i was home
i wish there were nights where i was never alone
i know i said it but ill say it once again 
i wish i could be there but i cant