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Every Time That It Rains Chords

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Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 19:00:52 -0700
From: "Stoney D. Matheson" 
Subject: b/brooks_garth/every_time_that_it_rains.crd

Every Time That It Rains
Performed By:  Garth Brooks
Album:  Garth Brooks
Written By:  Garth Brooks, Ty England, Charles E. Stefl
Transcribed By:  Stoney

The following is one of my favorites by Garth.  It's not 
always easy changing keys from D to Eb, so you may want to 
play it like me and go from D to E.  Have Fun!

INRO     D// C// G// G// D// C// G// A Bm A/C#

D           A7         D       G          C             G  
Stuck in an airport in Austin, all of the flights are delayed
                     G                      D                        E
And as the rain keeps fallin' the mem'ries keep calling me back
                                        A //  A Bm A/C#
To another time and place
D               A7         D             G               C           G
Back to a rainy day in Oklahoma, she was working at this roadside cafe
                     G                          D
And it was just her and me and looked like it would be
     A7                            D// C// G// G
At least 'till the storms rolled away
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                  D              A7             D
I played "Please Come To Boston" on the jukebox
                    G             C        G
She said "Hey that's my favorite song."
      G                      D
The next thing I knew, the song was long through
    E                     A// A Bm A/C#
And we were still dancing along
                          D           A7             D
And with that look in her eye she pulled from me
                 G               C         G
Then she pulled off that apron she wore
               G                   D
And with her hand in mine we turned off the sign
        A7                          D
And locked the rain oustide the door

            D    A7/E  D/F#  G  D/F#       A7             D
Every time that  it    rains   I can hear her heart calling
   G  D/F#        A7             D
It rains    I can see that dress falling
        G                 A            D        G D/F# Em
The storm clouds roll on still the memory remains
      G/A          D// C// G// A// D// C// G// Bb Cm Bb/D
Every time that it rains

        Eb         Bb7           Eb
One late rainy night I got a phone call 
         Ab           Db       Ab 
So I went back to see her again
                              Ab                                  Eb
And through the dance we both stumbled and with the buttons we fumbled
                F                    Bb// Bb Cm Bb/D
Se we decided to call it at friends
          Eb         Bb7            Eb        Ab       Db       Ab
If we ever had a thing now it's over, and only the memory remains
         Ab                 Eb
On a roadside cafe on a September day
  Bb7                       Eb
I relive every time that it rains


Eb  Db  Ab  Ab/Bb