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Used To Be Mine
   by Brooks and Dunn
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intro:  C G C G
G(from intro) C
She looks so good movin' cross the dance floor
Better than the day she left me
Arm in arm with somebody new
Holdin' hands and laughin' like we used to
          Bm                          C
I got my best smile on but it's no disguise
Bm                 D
It don't hide the pain in these eyes

          G            Bm
I did her so wrong for so long
           C                          G    D
Turned my back on her love now she's long gone
   G              Bm
I did my part to break her heart
            C                      G
She walked out on me and tore my world apart.
            Am       C                       G
She used to be mine, Oh she used to be mine.

It's takin' every bit of strength that  I have
To keep a hurt look off my face
I can't keep from lookin' back over my shoulder
At the lucky man takin my place
Oh, if it weren't for my pride I'd probably take off runnin'
I guess what I'm feelin' is what I got comin'.

CHORUS                                        run 
        Am             C                     C-->Am    G
Oh she used to be mine, she used to be mine.
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