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Our Time Is Coming Chords

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Date: Wed Jul 05 13:48 EDT 1995
From: "Krall, Steve" 
Subject: Our Time is Coming
To: "'Vaughn, Greg'" 
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Our Time is Coming
Brooks and Dunn

Intro:  G  D  C  C  repeat

Verse 1:
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C                      G
Times are hard and the money's tight
C              G
Day to day, we fight that fight
C                     G
Nothing new, it's the same old grind
G      D       C
Uphill all the way


Boss man says forget the raise
Preacher says to keep the faith
Good things come to those who wait
Tomorrow's another day

G   D       C
Our time is coming
Em                D              C
When or where the good Lord only knows
G   D       C
Our time is coming
         Em                 D                   C
When the road we're on will turn to a street of gold

Verse 3:

Long as we keep love alive
Something tells me we'll survive
It's the little things that'll get us by
And hold us together

Verse 4:

I feel it when you hold me close
Baby we got more than most
Steady through the highs and lows
We'll go on forever


Break:  repeat intro chords