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Ive Got A Lot To Learn Chords


                     C                          D
These hony-tonks and bright city lights used to thrill me.
    G                  C             D
I'd paint the yown and stumble in at dawn.
    C                  D               G
But now there's no one listning for my footsteps.
         C                                     D
And it's why I've been down to one more night alone.

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  C                 D                 G
I thought I had her wrapped around my fingers.
  C                 D               G
I didn't think this wish would ever Burn.
    C                    D
I'd always thought she'd take me back.
    G                 C
But she taught me the cold hard facts.
                           D            G
When it comes to love, Ive got a lot to learn.

                    C                   D
It never crossed my mind that she might leave me.
    G               C                D
She did her best to love me till the end.
   C               D                  G
If she were here I know I'd treat her better.
      C                           D
But I won't ever get that chance again.

>repeat last line<