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I Fall Chords

Steers & Stripes
Written by Kix Brooks & Don Cook
Key of F#
Capo 4th fret and play in D
[F]  [A7]  [D]
[D] I breeze through the [Bm] day, and [Em] nothing much seems, to [A7] get  
in my way
[D] I don't have a [Bm] care, at [Em] all [A7]
[G] You walk in the [A7] room.  It's [D] always the [Bm] same, you  [D6] call 
out my name
I [G] turn.  You [A7] smile, and I [D] fall [A7] 
[D] I'm at home at [Bm] night, just [Em] bein' alone, and [A7] doin'  alright
[D] When out of the [Bm] blue, you [Em] call [A7]
[G] I hang up the [A7] phone.  I [D] lay down in [Bm] bed, you're [D6]  still 
in my head
I [G] dream.  You [A7] smile, and I [D] fall [D7]
[F] Oh what could this [A7] feeling [D] be?
[F] Could it really be [Em] love, and it's [G] happening to [A7] me?
[D] The closer you [Bm] get, the [Em] harder it is, to [A7] keep it  together
[D] I don't have a [Bm] chance, at [Em] all [A7] 
[G] It's out of my [A7] hands.  Oh, but [D] what can I [Bm] do?   I'm [D6] 
crazy for you
We [G] touch.  You [A7] smile, and I [D] fall [Bm] 
We [G] touch.  You [A7] smile, and I [D] fall  [Bm]   [Em]  [F]  [A7]  [D]

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