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Date: Thu Jul 06 11:30 EDT 1995
From: "Krall, Steve" 
Subject: Brand New Man
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Brand New Man
Brooks and Dunn

with a steady beat
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C                          D
I saw the light, I've been baptised
By the fire in your touch
And the flame in your eyes
    C             D                     G    C G C
I'm born to love again, I'm a brand new man

Verse 1:
Well the whole towns talkin'
Bout the line I'm walkin'
     G                   C
That leads right to your door
Oh how I used to roam,
                G        C
I was a rolling stone

Verse 2:

I used to have a wild side
They say a country mile wide
I'd burn those beer joints down
That's all changed now
You turned my life around


Verse 3:

I used to love 'em and leave 'em
I'd brag about my freedom
How no one could tie me down
Then I met you,
Now my heart beats true

Verse 4:

Baby you and me together
Feels more like forever
Than anything I'd ever known
We're right on track
I ain't lookin' back