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White Guilt Chords

First time submitting a whole song bear with me.  I also converted it to an acoustic piece.
Standard Tuning

So that didn't line up quite right but it's there and to refine your strumming and 
rhythm, just listen to it.  If you are lazy and can't figure it out, the chords 
are just D D A G.  

For the verse he continues playing this but here are the chords.

D                                    A                 G
Well LA lady, you always look so uninspired.
D                                                            A                                G
When you're hangin' around, living with creeps, and loving the liars.
D                                                                       A                G     
Well, everybody knows it's true.  That all you're ever gonna be,
D                         C          G
Is entertainment, so entertain me.

He does walk down from the C to the G, not necessary for acoustic, but it's just 
the root note there walking from 3rd fret, to 1st fret, then open on the A string.
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Chorus - Just a small rhythm change

D               A               G           G
You shiver when they wake up and once
D           A                G         G
more before they're gone.
D                A               G          G
   And even when your sleepin' baby, 
C                              G
you're barely holdin' on.

That's gonna be the same C to G walk again, he does that for mnost of the 
transitions in this song.



Well, LA lady, I know your feet must be so tired.
Standing on the corner, stompin' out cigarettes like they were fires.
The daughter of a thousand men, you've got your mother's eyes and whorish skin.
You're a train wreck, but that's entertainment.


Bridge - played the same as the Chorus could be called Chorus pt.2  or Chorus B

     D        A      G                             
So throw your skin back in your 
     D              A            G
clothes.  And wipe the blood runnin' from your 
        D    A                   G
nose.          'Cus if the price is right 
             C               G
tonight    anything goes.

Interlude - "too many lines"

I'm having some trouble with this part.  I keep trying to throw chords in but that 
D sounds so correct.  Please help with this section, I'm pretty sure he's not just 
playing a D chord with some stops for all of it.