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Life Less Ordinary Chords

Intro/Verse   "i've been to parties like this before..."

Am                   E                  nice and easy

Pre Chorus  "I am not a ghost..."

C              C           G          E

Chorus  "I'm not ashamed to say I've lost my mind..."
Dm        C             G            E

Interlude  -  I hear open 5th chords with a moving root on the A string
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8  7  7       8    7    5    7 7        5     3   2            5   3   2    3  3    

(those are tabs on the A string) G: ---10---9---9---------   and so forth
                                 D: ----------------------
                                 A: ---8----7---7---------

Once through the intro then back into the post chorus then intro til the end

There is one other chord I hear at the very end of each verse, he is using it to 
I believe it's a Dm.  Also, not sure of everything he says, disc didnt come with a 
booklet of lyrics so my lyrics may be incorrect.  Great acoustic song for the repertoire