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Lovers Spit Chords

I'm really not sure if this is right. My tab comes out of desperation. I just had
to play this song. If you have a better tab PLEASE post it. Otherwise, enjoy. This
is  a composite of the song as it appears on You Forgot it in People (also the Wicker
Park Soundtrack) and the alternate version on Beehives.

For the purposes of this tab, G=320010
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C                               Am          Fmaj7   G
    All these people drinking lover's spit
C                                    Am          Fmaj7   G
    They sit around and clean their face with it
C                                 Am              Fmaj7   G
    And they listen to teeth to learn how to quit
C                          Am          Fmaj7   G
    tied to a night they never met

You know it's time
     Am       Fmaj7                G  
that we grow old and do some shit
I like it all that way

Thanks to Baumfinger for the correction.