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Changing Lights Chords

Broken Bells - Changing Lights
Written by James Mercer and Brian Burton
Tabbed by Zach Maia

Hello everyone, this song, as of my creating the tab, is not fully out yet, but 
the acoustic version is. The song is pretty straight forward on the guitar, so I 
thought I'd put the chords here, as well as the lyrics. Note; this is what I think 
the lyrics are, they're probably not 100%, but they're mostly right.

( This version is based off of )

Chords used:
Em: 022000
D: xx0232
A: x02220
C: x32010
G: 320033
B7: x21202
Am: x02210
E: 022100

Intro: Em

Em           D          A         C
What did the storm wash away?
               G          B7               Am
You're bailing out of the plans we already made.
                   Em                D       A       C
It won't bother me now, and you know I'll be okay
                        G                    B7                Am
You've got to lead your life, but you're not sure you know the way
         Em              D                  A                  C
When you want to walk in white, you want to sin but you're too shy
       G                 B7              Am
So the candle just keeps burning down on you

[ Tab from: ]
          C               D          E
Well the cards are on the table, I'm here tonight
    C            D             E
and I don't need anything from you
C           D           E
Down on the Bowery, The Changing Lights
   C             D                E
Oh I'll still be waiting here for you


Em         D            A          C
I saw that look on your face
                  G                      B7             Am
You don't need me now, and sometimes you wonder if it's all
             Em                     D             A          C     
just another mistake, and why can't you just walk away
                          G                   B7                    Am
You've got to measure the cost, what have you gained, what have you lost?
       Em           D                A                 C
Well I often wonder why, you want to win but you won't fight.
       G                 B7              Am
So the candle just keeps burning down on you.

[Chorus x2]

C                   D                E
C                   D                E
C                   D                E

C                   D                E
I'll, I'll still be waiting here for you

End on E