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Date: 9/25/96; 1:36:53 PM
From: ah827@rgfn.epcc.Edu (Gene L. Graham)
Subject: DETOUR

Recorded by Elton Britt
Written by Paul Westmoreland
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[D] Headed down life's [D7] crooked [D] road
   Lot of things I [D7] never [D] knowed
And the cause of me not [D7] knowin', I now [A] pine
Trouble [D] got in the [D7] trail
   Spent the [G] next five years in [G7] jail
Should have [A] read - that [A7] DE-TOUR [D] sign.

DE-[G] TOUR, there's a [G7] muddy road a-[G] head
DE-[D] TOUR, paid no [D7] mind to what it [D] said
DE-[G] TOUR, oh, these [G7] bitter things I [G] find
Should have [A] read - that [A7] DE-TOUR [D] sign.

When I got right to the place, where it said "about face"
I thought that all my worries were behind
But the farther I go - the more sorrow I know
Should have read that DETOUR sign.


When I got stuck in the mud, all my hopes dropped with a "thud"
I guess that my heart's strings are made of twine
Had no will power to get - from the hole that I'm in yet
Should have read that DETOUR sign.