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Perfect Lover Chords

Are we ready?
Are we ready, ready?
Yes, are we ready?
Are we ready, ready?

Uh-uh, uh-uh [4x]

My body feels like an inferno
Like I'm in a race and I'm jumping the hurdle
Come closer, we'll pursue it
Baby just let go, we can do it (we can do it)
Baby, I'm yours for the taking
Bet you wanna see my body naked
And I bet you like the way I shake it
And I hope that you can take it

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You're the perfect lover
I'm in love with all things you do
               G       F#m
So seductive when you touch me
I can get enough of you
A                          G#
You're the best, baby you got me obsessed
And I can't catch my breath
Baby I must confess you got me
F#m  B
(Aaaah) when you come around
 D            F#m                            F#m
(Aaaah) got me so damn high, can't come down (oh)
(Aaaah) everytime you touch me there
 D      F#m
(Aaaah) you make me feel so hot

I love it, everything you do is so seductive
You got that thing that I want
And them some, and I can't even front, so listen
I know what you're missing
Better hurry up 'cause time is ticking
Tick tock, tick tock
Come and get me while I'm hot, no


F#m               A
Pull up to my bumper
Need a jump, not a chump
Fill me up, I'm running low
F#m                  A
Let me drive you crazy
                      G#        G
All night, 'cause we got so far to go   [2x]


End: F#m