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Apologies To Insect Life Bass Tab

G -----------------           G ---------------|
D ----------3------           D -----0----3-0--|
A -----5------5----      OR   A ---0-----------|
E ---5-------------           E ---------------|

then near the end when it gets heavy, its something like...
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G -------------------------------|
D -------------0(x8)-3(x4--------|5(x4)
A -10(x8)-0(x8)------------------|0(x8)
E -------------------------------|
and im not sure about the outro but i think its just the A string descending

The important thing to know is the main rif. The majority of the song works on it, the 
changes slightly once around 1:50 into the song, but you can see how it works on the same notes.
Thats quite simply it, i doubt anybody will need it, but if you are a beginner then here you are.

p.s. somebody correct me on the beggining of the heavy bit, i dont think its fret 10 on 
but im not sure what the correct is. cheers