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You Will Chords

B7: 021200
F#m: 244222

E B7 E (X2)

E                                     Asus2
Well you say, that I treat you like a book on a shelf.
        E                              F#m          A
I don't take you out that often cause i know i've completed you
                     E   B7 E
and that why you are here.
         A                  E   B7 E
That is the reason you stay here.
F#m        A         E  B7 E (X2)
How awful that must feel.

E                                   Asus2
You said you'd be my dream. I could have you every night,
          E                                   F#m            A
and if, by morning I, I'd forgotten you, well, no big deal it'd be alright
                           E    B7 E
cos you are the reoccurring kind.
            A            E    B7 E
You are the re-occurr-ing kind.
F#m               A        E  B7 E (X2)
You never really leave my mind
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E                                                        Asus2
Are you the love of my lifetime? Because there have been times I have had my doubts
             E                                   F#m      A
We were just kids when i first kissed you in the attic of my parents house
                         E  B7 E
and I wish we where there now
          A              E  B7 E
It took so long to figure out
F#m             A         E  B7 E (X2)
What this book has been about

E                                Asus2
Now I write when I'm away letters that you'll never read
               E                             F#m       A
You said go explore those other women, the ge-ogra-phy of their bod-ies
                                E   B7 E
but there is just one map you'll need
              A             E   B7 E
You are a boom-erang. You'll see.
F#m       A        E B7 E
You will return to me

E  A  F#sus4
You Will, you Will...
(Repeat as needed)

E                 F#m              E                          
If you don't, the this book is all lies. If you don't, then my plans would all
E                                   A                              F#m
be ruined. If you don't, I'll start drinking like the way i drank before
      A                             E
And I just wouldn't have a future anymore.

credit given to TecumsehBand on youtube