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Trees Get Wheeled Away Chords

okay, so this is an exclusively live song that im sure conor was planning to release,
but he did a couple of coke lines instead. anyways, its an amazing song.

Capo at the 1st fret

into (such as it is)
increments spike their blood
where a mass of mud
          F                Am
cucumbers cut to fit their eyes
       C                     G
and so no one would know how tired they've grown
   C           G             C
of talking and telling their lies

(so that's the progression for the verses, and it stays constant until the "chorus)
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while your tvs change stations
scroll messages
victims and christians both drinking blood
and they pray for the destruction of all hatred
more often just those with hate for us

cause it hurts when you discover one's worse and one's better
to suffer or cause others to
and you can live by your conscience
now guilt is a concept
you're no longer subscribing to
          F            G
there's a virgin in my bed
          C      G       Am
and she's taking off her dress
    C                 Am         G   
and i'm not sure what i am gonna do
          F                G
there's a song stuck in my head
      C          G      C
and i can't help singing it