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Spent On Rainy Days Chords

"Spent on Rainy Days" Chords
Tabbed by A.J.

Verse 1

C#minor                                               F#                      
I wish I’d saved up for rainy days ‘cause they’re the hardest to be dry.

        A     G#      A                       G#
I got no Self Control. I’m always begging into telephones.

C#minor                                       F#
I bought a little from my brothers friend, ya just to get me by.

        A         G#        A                 G#
I don’t trust his cut, the effect is never as high as the markup. 

C#minor                                         F#
I think I'll print it in the personals that I'm looking for a match
[ Tab from: ]
          A         G#            A                      G#
Someone to light me up, someone to burn the proof of the things that I've done


F#             E                          F#
                 Each day there are hours I sleep like a stone. I just

A          G#           A                 G#
Crawl in a bag. I wanna live my life like somebody’s shadow.

(then there’s a riff that I think goes like this)

X     X    X   X               
X     X    X   X
X     X    X   X
9     6    9   6
9     6    9   6
7     4    7   4
X     X    X   X 

Then for the next verse use the same chords and rhythm as verse 1.
Do the same for the next chorus.
At the end the chords are like this: F#, C#minor
Do that until he stops singing, and finish on this: E, G#