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Nothing Gets Crossed Out Chords

"Nothing Gets Crossed Out"
by Bright Eyes

I just took the tab that was already posted and tabbed out by Alan Johnston and tried to 
it.  I still think the G7 is wrong, but if anyone has any suggestions feel free to 
a comment.

Tabbed by Drew Whitaker

Standard Tuning

Capo 1

A6/C#-  X42222
Bm7  -  X24232
E    -  022100
a    -  X02220
A2/G#-  422XXX
G7   -  353433 or maybe Gm7/E - 053433 or Gm7?

[A6/C#] Well the future's got me worried such [Bm7] awful thoughts
[E] My head's a carousel of pictures, the [A] spin-ning [A2/G#]ne-ver stops
[A6/C#] I just want someone to [Bm7] walk in front
And I'll [G7] follow the [A] leader

Like when I fell under the weight of a schoolboy crush
Started carrying her books and doing lots of drugs
I almost forgot who I was
But I came to my senses
[ Tab from: ]
Now I'm trying to be assertive, I'm making plans
Going to rise to the occasion, yeah, meet all their demands
But all I do is just lay in bed
And hide under the covers

[A6/C#] Yeah, I know I should be [E] brave
But [A] I'm just [A2/G#] too afraid [A6/C#] of all this [E] change


So when I'm [A6/C#] lost in a crowd
I hope that [E] you'll pick me out
How I [G7] long to be found
The grass grew [E] high, I laid down
Now I'm [A6/C#] waiting for a hand
To lift me [E] up, help me stand
I've been [G7] laying so low
Don't want to [E] lay here no more

Don't want to [A6/C#] lay here no more
Don't want to [E] lay here no more
Don't want to [G7] lay here no mooo-[E]-re

[A6/C#]Everything that happens is [Bm7] supposed to be
And [E] it's all predetermined, can't [A] change your [A2/G#] destiny
[A6/C#] Guess I'll just keep moving [Bm7] someday, maybe
[G7] I'll get to where I'm [A] going

The End!