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Ladder Song Chords

Connor's a great lyricist, hope you enjoy this tab
Chord Key:

Bm   Bm/b  Em    G    A    D    E    G/F#  Dmaj7  D7
-2-  -2-   -0-  -3-  -0-  -2-  -0-   -3-    -2-   -2-
-3-  -3-   -0-  -0-  -2-  -3-  -0-   -0-    -2-   -1-
-4-  -4-   -0-  -0-  -2-  -2-  -1-   -0-    -2-   -2-
-4-  -4-   -2-  -0-  -2-  -0-  -2-   -0-    -0-   -0-
-2-  -1-   -2-  -2-  -0-  ---  -2-   -x-    ---   ---
---  ---   -0-  -3-  ---  ---  -0-   -2-    ---   ---

Bm  Bm/b 2x's

**Verse 1**
Bm                     Bm/b            Bm
No one knows where the ladder goes
                           Bm/b            Em
You're gonna lose what you love the most
                    G          Em
You're not alone in anything
                      G        Bm
You're not unique and dying
                     Bm/b           Bm
Feel estranged every now and then
                    Bm/b              Em
Fall asleep reading science-fiction
                    G            Em
I wanna fly in your silver ship
                   G      A      
Let Jesus hang and Buddha sit

**Chorus 1**
It's on now
The days are long now
The ups and the sundowns
In a twisting mind
If I've got to go first
I'll do it on my terms
I'm tired of traders
Always changing sides
          Bm      A  G
They were friends of mine...

Bm  Bm/b 2x's

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**Verse 2**
Bm                         Bm/b             Bm
Don't hang around once the promise breaks
                         Bm/b              Em
You'll be there when the next one's made
                   G            Em
Kiss the feet of a charlatan
              G          Bm
Some imagined freedom
                Bm/b           Bm
All the rest is predictable
                       Bm/b             Em
You can say you're the first to know
                   G              Em
Bought a mantra to concentrate
             G       A     
Car alarm or hissing snake.

**Chorus 2**
I know now
How it's gonna turn out
We gotta calm down
Or I'll lose my place
Gotta get to the center
Gotta get to the concert
Run off with a dancer
Gonna celebrate

Em          A         D
Welcome the new age
           G  G/F# Em
Covered in warrior paint
                A             D    Dmaj7  D7   Em
Lights from the jungle to the sky
          A            D
See now a star's born
                  G     G/F#    Em
Looks just like a blood orange
              A             D   
Don't it just make ya wanna cry?
         Bm     A  G           
Precious friend of mine...

Bm  Bm/b 2x's

**Verse 3**
Bm                     Bm/b            Bm
Well, I know when it's finally done
                    Bm/b            Em
This whole life's a hallucination
                    G           Em
You're not alone in anything
                     G         D
You're not alone and trying to be.