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A Celebration Upon Completion Chords

Hey, I saw the chords for this song were incomplete, and I wanted to learn to play this
so I did it myself...the chords are 98% correct Id say, towards the end I had a little
not the best at tabbing songs, but verse/chorus chords are perfect.  Enjoy.   -L. Martin

Bright Eyes - "A Celebration Upon Completion"    standard tuning
Intro is basis of the songs finger picking style....

C  C/B  G6  C  (2x)

In between the chords  C and C/B, and C/B and G6, there is a  3-1-0/1  figure on the B
that you should note should you want to play the song like Conor does on the album.  I
have the time or knowledge on how to tab it, but I can definitely play it myself, sorry 
I cant help you there.  Use your pinky hit the B string, 3rd fret while playing C and
chords, andafter a while , it should come along.   Good Luck.  Great song, by the way.  thnx.

my grandfather's name was moon
because his eyes were bright and round
        G6                                  C
and no amount of time or liquor could dull them
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my grandmother's name was joy
because it spilled out of her heart
     G6                                  C
and bathed her precious children in its warmth
and there was happiness in life beyond the sorrow and the pain
    G6                                C
but how they ever found it i cannot explain
         F                        G
i guess time has a way of making everything alright
                   Am            C
it's just there is not enough of it
           F                         G
and so we drink and we sing and we celebrate this lie
     Am                C
and hope that it will last
F                G          C      C  C/B  G6 C/g -->slide up 2 frets on B
morning is here night, has passed            string & come back to C/g  C
my grandfather was a doctor
he cured the sick with his kind hands
        G6                                        C
and he taught me how to sail and how to find dry land

my grandmother was all sweetness
and when she spoke we all heard bells
          G6                                   C
and they rang in such a way that we were comforted
and they held on to each other with all of the strength they had
          G6                                       C
and they loved with devotion be-yond what i understand
             F                        G
but i guess fear has a way of making sleep unbearable
         Am                 C
and the days seem cold and long
but well cry and we dance
         G6                     Am            G6
 C  (hit x32013 2 or
and we stumble into love in awkward, perfect grace                   3 times)
     Fmaj7                G6                  C
the moon is gone and the sun has took its place    (last line 2x)