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I Still Cry Chords


Intro in Solo 	A	G	D (3xs)  A	G	Gm (hold)

D	           F#m	E	A
I still cry about her from time to time
I still believe she was meant to be mine
But life has to tamper with what should be
D	         F#m	E	D	Dm	A (hold)
Leaving my soul trapped when it should be free

Looking back I made all the mistakes
Its true you pay for all the ties you break
But out of all my troubles and all my distress
D	         F#m	E	D	Dm	A
I honestly loved her and I guess this is the test...
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A		E
G		D
Of strength
Because I miss her so much
I miss her electric smile
And her acoustic touch
You?d think
She?d call me even though
I wasn?t a friend
At the time I was low
D	     Dm		A
But in the end, I still cry

SOLO ~ A	G	D 3x?s
	  A	G	Gm

D	           F#m	E	A
I still cry about her time after time
I still feel the emotional landslide
But I know I?m crazy for feeling this
D	         F#m	E	D	Dm	A
Day after day I take the same old quiz...

A		E
G		D
Of love
Because I miss her to death
I miss her angelic eyes
And her breath on my neck
You?d think 
The phone would dial
To call her court jester
How I loved to see her smile
D	  Dm	    A
I confess, I still cry	
PLAY SOLO A 	G	D(7xs) end on A 	G 	Gm