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Never Join The Fire Brigade Chords

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Never Join the Fire Brigade      Brian Prothrow       Album: I/You

   Capo at 3rd fret to play with record. For timing, think "Vaudeville".

           |<----Bar 1---->|    |<---Bar 2--->|
   Intro:  Bb / F / C / F7 /    Bb / C / F  C F

        Am                                                E A
   When I was young and having fun and climing every tree
     Am                                   D                 G  (whistle)
   I filled my head with Ice Cream and my heart with Sandra Dee
       Am                                                   E A
   And then one day while I's at play I heard my Daddy sigh
      D                                      G                C
   He chewed his pipe and kicked the cat and looked me in the eye - he

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        F7         F7          Bb                  F7
   Keep neat, stay clean, your harmony likes to be seen
      F7        Fdim      Bb             C        F
   Go West, get laid, and never join the fire brigade
                                           Bb             C        F
   [play line 1 & 2 twice then]  No no no, never join the Fire Brigade


      Am                                      E A
   In '68 while meditating on the cosmic bond
     Am                    D                   G
   I met a mystic Guru who waved the Wonderous Wand
     Am                                                      E A
   I said "Oh Mighty Master, won't you tell me what you see?"
      D                             G                   C
   He stuck a tulip up his nose and said these words to me - he said:

   [Solo over chorus]

      Am                                                       E A
   So when you're glum and overcome and trouble's on your back
        Am                                    D                   G
   When fate has pricked your bubble and your silver cloud turned black
      Am                                                         E A
   To bite your shoe or drink hot glue will never bring you glee
      D                                   G              C   (slow
   So just before you hit the floor, just say this after me:

   [chorus several times]

Brian Prothrow is a British stage actor who made one delightful album of
funny, sing-along songs that reflect his vaudeville roots. A rare

 - another ace 70s tab from Dave Turner & Tim Willett