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Sorry Love Daddy Chords

"Sorry Love Daddy"
It seems like only yesterday 
I held you in my arms and said
E7                          Am
You will never need to fear the dark
But unforeseen misery has come
Between your Mommy and me
E7                                Am  
And we can love you more, now we are apart

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Dm                Am
Daddy, he's got to go away
Coz there's just no other way
To live this through
Dm                      Am
Someday, you'll learn to understand
              Dm            Am              
This wasn't what I planned, for me and you
  E7          Am  
Sorry, love Daddy

Everyday is filled with pain
But never feel that you're to blame
Sometimes life breaks, in mysterious ways
I can't make it up to you
Believe me I am trying to
No matter what you'll always be my babies

My first tab Mads Olsen,