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Robert Thinks Dutches Is Sexy Chords

Hey all the people out there. This is my first tab so just bear with me. This is my own
version of she thinks my tractors sexy. This song is really easy even all beginners can
learn this simple song so here it is

Tuning: EADGBE

Capo on 3rd fret


Roberts on the couch playing x-box

Then his mom comes in and tells him to get off
D                                       A
So he goes outside and plays with his dog
Early every morning when the sun comes up

He goes in the house to get washed up
D                                 Em
Then he comes outside with a paper cup

Robert thinks Dutches is sexy
E                    A
It really turns him on
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He's always staring at him
Em                      A
while he's jerking his dog
D                  A               Em
He likes the way Dutches looks at him 
when he's laying down
         D          A        E
He even thinks his tan is brown
D                   A     Em      A                    D   
Robert's the only one who really understands what dogs are 
Em                         A
Robert thinks Dutches is sexy

2nd Verse
Every night Robert sits outside

Wishing and hoping for a bite
D                            A
Walking his dog and eating fries
D                               A
and then he a way to take him home

Repeat Chorus

Then it goes like this
Robert aint into thing appropriate

So he lays on his ass and eats some chips
Robert thinks Dutches is
Robert thinks Dutches is

Repeat the chorus

Then thats the end of the song.I hope you enjoy it