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Kathy Chords

Chords: A Cm# D E  repeat these chords until the end of the verse

Then at the end of verse instead of E go to Dm

Verse One:  Kathy Frischkorn  is a language arts teacher

      she gives us to much homework for the average 8th grader

      You should see that bad cat sky

      she always wheres those purple pants purple pants where did you

      go purple pants purple  am is are where was be have has had do dose 
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      did could would should shall will can been

    The words are a little korny and i couldn't pick all of them up from
 the second verse but with all the effects they use its a pretty badass song 
they are awsome in there live conserts and don't really play to much of there own songs
i think they may have changed there name to Hazard City or changed it 
fom that because half fo the copyrights on their album are written by them