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Breathe Chords

Brian HInnenkamp, Breathe.
 Tabbed by Matt Smith,
Title :  Breathe
Words and music/ Brian Hinnenkamp
Not on any recordings of his: however Scott Seroda from 105.7 The Peak claims to have a private cut!

Transcribed by : Matt smith

If you have never had the pleasure to see Brian play live, you have missed out greatly!
I saw this version played up close and personal, and he spent about 20 minutes talking to the guests after the show.
I will be posting more of his tunes soon.......and for all you junkies, I have a copy of  \"Render\". I will have it up soon. I hope you enjoy playing ths as much as I do.

When He plays breathe he tells a short story before about a girl, who he still doesn't know if he gets to keep or lose, and its awesome. And the girls all dye over his songs about his woman. Then he says \" yes i am taken\"...........dissappointing sighs follow......

Play this song with a relaxed rythmic feel, but be ware of the speed of the vocals! They are fast.
I am still not sure how he sings the rythm he does while maintaining the guitar style. It HARD!

I am sorry I do not have the tab for this only the chords, as I have only seen him play this, and the recording I have of him doesn't give up a lot of his tricks. His finger style is very hard to decypher.

The chord progression stays the same....( pretty logical)........but his finger go insaine so listen to a recording a lot.

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Intro ----G - Bm7 - C9sus   
* scat solo

Verse 1:
Gsus2            Bm7              C9sus...............( this progression is same for all lines)
 Its a lonely view from this far

I wish I could grab right on that star

So I could be right where you are       

The time I told you that its true

You said you'd always love me too

But I always tell you to just


Gsus2            Bm7              C9sus
Breathe .......Breathe..........Breathe......come on just.....

Gsus2            Bm7              C9sus
Breathe ........Breathe.........Breathe....

Verse 2

Sometimes this world gets you down

Lord I hate to see her frown

Wish I could make her settle down

Sometimes you look at me and sigh

When things get crazy for a while

Ill always crack that little smile.......and say....


*Scat solo........
This solo is really hard to do, and keep playing the groove he has going but if you keep at you can get it down..... I have heard him take this solo on for a few more times around, but my recording only had one time...... just go with it...

Of all the voices that Ive heard

And all the faces in this world

None grab my heart quite like that girl

Sometimes I look at you and sigh

Howd I ever get you in my life

You just shake your head and smile.....and say...

Chorus: .....then another freaky scat solo...

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