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Amys Song Chords

She was (D) standin' by the bar at the (A) club we were playin'
Half an (Bm) hour before the (G) show
I (D) couldn't stop starin' so (A) finally I decided to (G) say hello
She'd never (D) seen the band but (A) she was a fan,
She'd heard a (Bm) couple of songs (G) online
We (D) sat there talking til the (A) club filled up
And (G) it was show time (D)
I said "I (Bm) didn't catch your (G) name" and she said (A) "Amy"
I said "will I (Bm) see you after the (G) show" and she said (A) "maybe"
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(D) And all night (A) I tried
(Bm) To look out at that (G) crowd and find her
(D) But those lights were (A) so damn bright up (G) there
So I said, (D) "You got time for (A) one more song?
(Bm) You all know it so (G) sing along
Gonna (Bm) sing it out to a (G) girl
I hope she's still (A) here"
And I sang (D) "Amy
(C) What you wanna (G) do
(D) I think that (C) I could stay with (G) you
For a (Em) while, maybe (G) longer if I (A) do"

(D-C-G) x2

With a (D) girl like her the (A) best you can hope
To (Bm) do is date her off and (G) on
You think it's (D) going great, you turn (A) around one day
And (G) she'll be (D) gone
She's (Bm) beautiful and (G) sweet and (A) complicated
She'll break my (Bm) heart
And then she'll (G) show up where I'm (A) playing



I keep (D) falling in and out of (C) love with (G) you
(D) Falling in and out of (C) love with (G) you
(D) I don't know what I'm gonna (C) do (G)
Cause I keep (D) falling in and out of (C) love with (A#) you (A)
Yeah (D-C-G) x2 (D)