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Cold Hands Warm Heart Chords

Song: Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Arist: Brendan Benson
Album: Alternative to Love (2005)

Standard Tuning
Capo on Second fret

  B   F#m     E   Esus4  Esus2 C#m   B/A  B/G    B/F#
 (A)  (Em)   (D) (Dsus4)(Dsus2)(Bm) (A/G)(A/F#) (A/E)

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B  F#m  E (Esus4 E Esus2)
B  F#m  E

B      F#m         E
  Cold hands, warm heart
E            Esus4 E   Esus2
We just need some time apart
B          F#m            E
  And everything will be okay
(and so on...)

And it really shouldn't be this hard,
Dsus2                        B
You know it really shouldn't be.
And if we can only see it this far
            B                       B/A              
Well then I hate to say it, but it's obvious
    B/G                           B/F#
I'm telling you, girl, there's no future for us
Dsus2  (2/4, half beat)
Oh oh oh ooh!

Transcribed by Lejnoss (
Corrections are welcome! (I'm not really THAT sure of the chorus.. ^^)