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What about 
By: Peter Breinholt
Songs about the great Divide
Tabbed by: Derek Smith

Tuning: (low to High) DADF#AD
Capo 4

D: 000000
F#m: 440300
G/D: 020100
A7: x02100
A7(+9): x05500
D/A: x04300
Dsus: 007700
A/D: 040300
G/E: 220100
D/F#: 454000
G: 550500
D(Harmonic): 121212121212 
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         D            F#m          G/D    A7
Its been said that to live is to sorrow
         D                  F#m         G/D   A7
Its been said that theres no room for tomorrow
       D               F#m             G/D      A7
So men stand there and stair at the twilight
         D             F#m       G/D          A7
And they work out each day as it seems right
A7+9      D/A                   A7         D   
And of, I knew it would be so I say "Hallelujah", my love
      A7+9           D/A                      Dsus                 
And I think no, all this time have been this road

    D                  A/D
And what about all the september moons
    G/D                A7
And what about all the flowers in June
    D                  A/D                       G/D    A7
And what about all the times that I sit here and wonder
      D                   A/D 
And I could be wrong for believing this way 
      G/D                  A7
And I could be wrong every hour of eavh day
         D                A/D                G/D      A7
Still I think about every moment that I can remember
G/E             D/F#            G     D/F#
And all this could've passed me by
G/E           D/F#          Dsus
Standing lonely all this while

Verse 2

Ending: A7+9  D/A  A  D     A7+9  D/A  A7  Dsus  D(Harmonic)

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