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Call I Here Chords

Peter Breinholt
A Call I hear
tabbed by Derek Smith

Tunning DADF#AD
Capo 1st fret

D: 000000
A/D: 040300 
G/D: 020100
C#/D: 550300
G/Dsus2: 040000
Asus2: 002300
                D                       G/D
See that little hill on the side of the town
             A/D                      Asus2
Go on up and climb it and turn back around
                      C#/D               G/Dsus2
Catch your breath and miles and miles of fields
             A/D       Asus2
And you feel safe there

                    D                  G/D  
And there alone you kneal and you feel indeed
                 A/D                       Asus2 
You wanna go and help every sould that you see
                 C#/D                 G/Dsus2
You wanna go and share what you know inside 
             A/D        Asus2
And show you love him

C#/D  G/Dsus2   A/D      D
Out beyond this home so dear
C#/D   G/Dsus2  A/D   D
Theres another call I hear
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D       G/D            A/D
And the rivers turn to sea
        Asus2               D
And the stars smile back at me
           G/D         A/D 
And little butterflies inside now
      Asus2                C#/D
And a hope that I'm coming back

Now I remember days when you laughed so hard
We walked along the roads in the counrty so far
I remember children and sounds in the street
And we belong there

And then the broken man in his house one day
He said he wasn't sure if he knew how to pray 
Then he tried and said whats in his heart
So pure and easy

Slowly turn around and see
There's a part of them in me

Now the birds are flying home 
To the hills above the storm
And I know that I should follow
But its hard to say goodbye

And the river turns to sea 
And the stars smile back at me
ANd little butterflies are gone now
But its time I'm coming back now
I'm coming back now 
I'm coming back now
I'm coming home

I actually figured this one out all by myself, But I hope its right.
Have fun with it its such a great song. If you have any questions or
comments email me at       HAVE FUN                                                                          LDS ARTIST RULE