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Guttermouth Chords

Guttermouth - Bree Sharp
Transcribed by Diane E. (

Bb: x133xx
D#: x688xx
F:  133xxx
C:  x355xx

In this [Bb]concrete jungle void of charms
[D#]With take-out porn and car alarms
[Bb]No one's bringing armies in to [F]keep the girls from speaking (sin)
Cinder [Bb]blocks are stacking and the sound of [D#]bricks is 
Clacking while the cement [Bb]mixes
When the eyes of workmen [F]stop and fix this 
Chick's mouth's full of [D#]asterixes

[Bb]Guttermouth, she [D#]spits on every [Bb]curb
And she [D#]flips the boys the [Bb]bird
And [D#]every other word is from the 
She [D#]grabs her crotch in [Bb]public
And I [D#]guess that they're all [Bb]stuck with
The [F]Guttermouth, Gutter[Bb]mouth
[F]Guttermouth, Gutter[Bb]mouth

[Bb]City life is hard to cope with
[D#]Sleezy gropers pushing dope
[Bb]Sometimes survivals only hope's
Is a [F]mouth that needs a wash with soap
And [Bb]water couldn't clean this town
The [D#]sewers run above the ground
The [Bb]streets are like a lost and found
With [F]vagabonds who spews sounds from the [D#]gutter
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[Bb]Guttermouth, [D#]mothers disap[Bb]prove
Of the [D#]vile talk and [Bb]lewdness
Miss, [D#]stop the filth protruding from that
[Bb]Guttermouth, though they [D#]try so hard to [Bb]punish
The [D#]boys all wanna [Bb]run with
The [F]Guttermouth, Gutter[Bb]mouth
[F]Guttermouth, Gutter[Bb]mouth 

[D#]She's a fortune cookie
Full of nasty puns and [Bb]proverbs [D#]tucked inside her hot and sour [Bb]mind
[D#]But only skin is sugar coated
Words are jagged and corroded
Like the blunt and rusty axe she [F]grinds

Filthy Quips From Dirty Lips

[Bb]She's got tons of DNA
But [D#]all they see is T&A
A [Bb]perfect lady looks that way
Knows [F]what she can and cannot say
To the [Bb]bending men who alter their
[D#]Direction as the try to halt her
[Bb]Caterwaul as they assault her
[F]After all this, can you fault her [D#]mouth

Oh, [Bb]guttermouth, her [D#]one sereni[Bb]ty
Is [D#]showing her i[Bb]dentity
Ain't in [D#]sainthood, but obscenity
Oh, [Bb]guttermouth, make her [D#]feel bad for her [Bb]curves
Then you're [D#]gonna get what [Bb]you deserve
[F]Straight from that Gutter[Bb]mouth 

[Bb]Guttermouth, she [D#]spits on a [Bb]curb
And she [D#]flips the boys the [Bb]bird
And [D#]every other word is from the 
[Bb]Guttermouth, says,
"If you're [D#]gonna walk the [Bb]blocks,
Then you'd [D#]better talk the [Bb]tough talk
Just [F]like a gutter[Bb]mouth"
[F]Guttermouth, Gutter[Bb]mouth


[D#] [Bb] 2x
[D#] [Bb] [C] [F]  (pattern repeats to finish, with the song ending on Bb)  

Hey, yeah, hey, yeah, baby
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah