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Goodbye To You Chords

goodbye to you by breaking point

standard tuning

D* = power chord 5TH Fret
G* = power chord 3rd Fret
Am* = 5th Fret

D                                     Bm     
There's so much I want to say now
D                     G
But it's too late i know
D                                              Bm
There's no way to heal these wounds now
D                                  G
And my heart bleeds for you

Bm                       D
And our love is crashing
Like a tidal wave
Coming over me
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D*                  C#m
So I wanted you to know
That i finally let you go
After all i've held on to
This is my goodbye to you

I was always there for you
But you never saw the truth
And the reason that i know
Is i've finally let you go

VERSE: (same chords)
Yesterday you were my best friend
But tomorrow took you away
There's not much for me to say now
Just goodbye, farewell

PRE CHOR: (same chords)
And our love is crashing
Like a tidal wave
Coming over me


And every time i close my eyes
My heart is bleeding deep inside
But now my eyes are open
And i'm never gonna be the one for you
The one for you


I finally let you go
Let you go 
Let you go so this is my goodbye to you.