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Recall Tab

Song: Recall
Artist: Brave Saint Saturn
Album: The Light of Things Hoped For


Capo 5

into/first part of verses:

verse 1:
It was all about acceleration, all for notoriety 
All about the destination, driven by my own abilities 
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G                 C                F
 Rocket shuttered screamed and then fell away 
G                 C     F      G
 Lift this juggernaut into the sky
       Em                   F
 Radio waves in the frozen night
         G   F   C    [same C that starts the chorus]
Spelling "I miss you" 

chorus 1:
C                 Am
Like a flicker of light
In the back of my mind
        F         G      Am
And it all comes back to me 
Like an overdue sunrise 
   Dm         F      G
It all comes back to me 

verse 2: (same as verse 1)
There's nothing like complete exhaustion
The atrophy of complete defeat 
The feeling of the world upon my shoulders 
And realizing I am incomplete 
Well there's a lot of freedom in failure 
Of recklessness of weightless abandonment 
I remember light coming through stained glass 
And it reminds me. . . 

chorus 1

chorus 2:
I remember Your love 
Being better than life  
When it all comes back to me 
I will sing in the shadows 
When it all comes back 
When it all comes back 
        Dm        F      G
When it all comes back 
    C        Am F C
To me