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Enamel Chords

Verse 1
 G              Em            C
here's another song with the four
oldest chords in history
 G               Em              C          D
i guess i lost all ambition turning left on Missouri
 G          Em       
i could have made it better
 C                D
but the feelings just aren't there
 G          Em
my heart is cold and black
 C                D
but i just don't think i care
 G                      Em       
so here's to me saying "fare-thee-well"
 C                           D
and when you hear this song i hope it hurts
 G        Em         
enamel is stretched too thin
 C                D
you're beautiful, but not beneath your skin
 G        Em
(enamel, like insect shells
 C          D
so hollow, like your wedding bells.)

Verse 2 (same thing as verse 1) 
the phone lines down in mexico are
slow and maybe tired
i think all your devotion, got lost inside
the wires
well i hope you cannot sleep, and i
hope you cannot smile
and i hope that you are burdened with
your guilt for quite a while
i hope you fall in love
but i hope your plans are thwarted
and i hope that now you're back
it's because you were deported

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