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Babys Breath Chords

This Is an AMAZING Song!!! 
GREAT Space Song!!!
Good Christmas song too ENJOY!!
Just listen to the track for timing and strumming

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Capo 5th fret
G		              C
Incandescent moon is shining, just for you tonight	
G                        C                               G
Shimmering a golden halo does it follow just beyond your sight? 
G	C                                  G
Sigh     You're an angel wanting wings for flight       Tonight
C                           G 
Baby's breath in the waxing light
Em      D      C            Em   D           C
Glassy seas of blue          I will dream of you	

G      Bm       C         D      (repeat)    	
Let's close our eyes till daylight comes Baby’s breath and 
chrysanthemums  So beaming blue these dreaming skies 
Till daylight  Till daylight comes  Till daylight 
Till daylight comes Just close your eyes till daylight comes 

I keep feeling that the strangest Peace is all around 
In the speechless, in this quiet 
Angels never make a single sound 
Baby's breath and lilacs so profound Falling down 
Softest moonlight making garlands Forms the crown 
Glassy seas of blue I will dream of you