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Hell On An Angel Chords

Capo 1

                Em                G  
They said I was baptized in dirty water
       D                     Em  
By the hands of the devil himself
            Em                 G
Between the banks of a Whiskey River
           D          C
Beside the Highway to Hell
      Em                    G 
I got scars on my heart and knuckles
      D                  Em 
I got debts that I can't pay
Yeah but I got a blessing sent down from heaven
Baby you're my saving grace

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                D  Em  
Girl you got an outlaw
Ready to lay down all my guns
            D     Em
A dirty old hound dog
Learning new tricks like cuddlin up
             Em                    G
You've got a hellcat purrin like a kitten
             D                  Em  
You've got a sinner down on his knees
It had to be hell on an angel
D                     Em  G  D  Em
Lovin the devil outta me

You'd tell me how did I get under
This leather skin I wear
Beneath the callouses and tattoos
Around the walls I've built down there
To this heart I've broke and guarded
All alone out on the street flyin
Yea it takes an angel to fly with a freebird
Baby we've got the sky


Hell on an angel, on an angel