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Untitled 03 Chords

brand new untitled demo #3
tabbed by matthew akerman
March 09/2006 5:17 pm.

this song, may or may not be on their up and coming new album.

this song is played in full step.  

2 ways of playing this, either with regular chords, or power 
chords.. I find it fun both ways, here's the chords..
not sure about all the lyrics.  also, if my chord names are 
wrong, I don't care, you get the idea. and one more thing, 
where I put the chord names over the lyrics, are not correct 
for chord changes, just listen to the song, its very easy.

regular chords being,
C - 032010
Cadd9 - 032000
Am/F -  xx3210 <- I know that's an F, but form an Am, put ur pinky
on the F fret of the D string, it sounds better for some reason.
Am - x02210
Am7 - x02010
G - 320000
F - 133210 (use thumb to get base note)

power chords 

C - 81010xxx
Cadd9 - 81090xx
Am/F - 58xxxx
Am - 57xxxx
G - 355xxxx
F - 133xxxx

[ Tab from: ]
C             Cadd9      
so the airs gettin colder
 Am/F Am          G
the news keeps us scared
C            Cadd9      
I still wrestle this summer
Am/F Am               G
from the bones of our tired, blistered hands
F                       Am7   G
cause tonight we got drinks, just a couple a friends
F                      Am7    G
and the girl that my brother likes, is finally talkin to him
F                      Am7     G
and his chest is all swelled, like he's proud and happy.
F                    G
he's got a great idea, liek he's makin a memory

C            Am          G
wake up, and come out to the car
C               Am        G
there's an east swell coming, and its howlin off shore,
and we'll be, 

F              Am       G
Lyin like lion's, out in the sandddddddd
F           Am            G                  slide to C, and start intro..
but I'll be dead before you put a gun in my brothers hand.

intro once, or twice.. 

C       Cadd9      Am/F Am      G
so we make jokes back home, and we lighten the mood,
C              Cadd9      Am/F Am      G
but growing up, my parents saw, sending the kids, and fight is what we really do,  
F                       Am7   G
and now with the war, I can tell they're alittle shook up,
F                       Am7   G
its just a few mothers sons, never really be enough,
F                       Am7   G
and half of our names, are etched out in the wall,
F                  G
the other half ruined, from the things we saw

(the rest is the same.)

wake uppp..


and we'll be!

Lying like lion's...

but I'll be!!

intro 2x

pre chorus


intro x's

comments, or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me.