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Letters - Branches

G                  C                G
I went through old letters that you wrote me 
    C             G            D
And followed your words to the bottom of the page 
   G                            C        G
To find all the things that you tried to show me 
C      G          D             G
Months ago at the bottom of the page 

G                  C      G
All the words that I once knew 
      C          G            C          G
Oh, I    gave to you, yes I      gave to you 
                            C       G                 
And all of the words that I want to know 
     C        G      C           G
Have dried up in the back of my throat 
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G            C         G
I set sail across your words 
       C             G       C              G
Hoping never to find shore, never to find shore 
                            C         G
And in the ocean of ink, I started to sink 
  C          G               D                G
Before your words filled my lungs with breath again 

G                           C            G
 There in the light of the evening city sky 
      C          G             D
The yellows and pinks tell my heart to think 
       G                 C             G
And my mind to feel this love that is real 
       C           G             D            G
And to let my lips say at last everything you mean 
     G                    C                G
So I whisper slow, three words you already know 
         C       G              D
And the marching band falls in line  
         C        D                  G
And the symphony leads your lips to mine!