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|******************************    THE INFO    *******************************|

From: "Allen Dukes" 
Subject: b/branch_michelle/Everywhere.crd
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 23:45:00

Artist: Michelle Branch
Song Title: Everywhere
Album: The Spirit Room

Created by: Allen Dukes 

I have not found this anywhere on the net so I figured it out. In my opinion
the song sounds best with solo voice and 1 acoustic 6 stringed thing. There is
a version floating around the net which is vocal and acoustic. Be sure to look
at which type of strumming to use and listen to the recording in order to make
it sound right.

|******************************   THE HINTS   ********************************|

Articulated Verse Chord Progression (AVCP):
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  Am      Copen   GG

  D/E  G

Strummed Verse Chord Progression (SVCP):

  Am7     Cclosed   G  G

  D/E  G
Verse |-2-------0--|
Ending: |-0-------0--|

  D/E  G     Em/B   Am/E   G/D    Am
|-3-------3-----0------5------3------1--|   This part took
Alternate|-2-------0-----0------5------4------2--|   me forever to
Verse|-0-------0-----5------7------5------2--|   figure out :oP

Chorus Chord Progression (Never Changes):

  F/G  Cclosed     G    G



              Am   Copen   G    G
Oh, you're in everyone  I  see

           Am  Copen      G
So tell me     Do you see me?

/***********************  I would like to thank my  **************************\
|***********FFE********** 6 string thing Anderson  ***********FFE*************|
\*********************** for helping with this song **************************/