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             intro:am c g 3x
                   d g am d g
       first verse:am c g 2x
                   d g am d g
            chorus:f c g 4x

      second verse:am c g 3x
                   d g em am c d


           bridge:f c g 4x
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          chorus 2x
            outro:f c g 2x

   you should get an acoustic version of the song for the strumming 
   pattern.this is an acoustic version of the don't play
   the bridge after the 2nd chorus on the acoustic guitar.this is 
   a pretty simple song.i got the pattern down in a week and i've only
   been playing since september.(until january,i only knew the chorus
   to this january,i got my chord book.i'm only 13.)
   i'm 100%percent sure that these are the correct chords!