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Date: Tue, 3 Jun 1997 14:24:49 +1000
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"From Red to Blue"
 Billy Bragg
(from the album "William Bloke")

Notes: I suggest playing it using barre chords with a rhythm similar to that
used in the first bar of the intro. On the CD it is actually about a quarter
tone lower than shown below (who cares right?). The breaks aren't quite
perfect but will sound effective enough.

Transcribed by: Dean Malone

Intro and end of every verse

e   ----1-----1-----|----------------|
B   ----1-----1-----|--1---0---1-0---|
G   ----2-----2-----|--2---0-------0-|
D   ----------------|--2---0---------|
A   ----------------|0---------------|
E   1-----1-----1-3-|----------------|

F       Am             Gm              Bb
Another day dawns grey, It's enough to make my spit
F          Am         Bb             Gm
Still we go on our way, just putting up with it
C          Dm         C Bb                  Gm
And when I try to make my feelings known to you
F              Am       Bb           Gm       F 
It sounds like you have changed from red to blue

[ Tab from: ]
F             Am          Gm                Bb              
Well you're a father now, you see things in different ways
F         Am           Bb                        Gm   
For every parent will, gain perspective on their wilder days
C                  Dm         C Bb                   Gm
But that alone does not explain, the change I see in you
F              Am       Bb  Gm         F
The way you've drifted off from red to blue

Dm   C      Bb         F
Sometimes I think to myself
              Bb         F         Bb           F
Should I vote red for my class or green for our children?
Dm  C        Bb       F
But whatever choice I make
I will not foresake        e   ----------------|
                           B   --8---6---5---3-|
                           G   --9---7---5---3-|
                           D  10---8----7--5---|  (not quite right -
                           A   ----------------|   but sounds good anyway)
                           E   ----------------|

F      Am            Gm             Bb
So you bought it all, the best your money could buy
F                 Am             Bb               Gm
And I watched you sell your soul for their bright shining lie
C             Dm      C Bb                         Gm
Where are the principles of the friend I thought I knew?
F           Am       Bb   Gm          F   
I guess you let them fade from red to blue

F          Am         Gm                Bb
I hate the compromises that life forces us to make
F           Am           Bb         Gm
We must all bend a little if we are not to break
C                  Dm       C Bb                         Gm
But the ideals you opted out of, I still hold them to be true
F            Am         Bb     Gm      F (hold)
I guess they weren't so firmly held by you.
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