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Talk Show Chords

Artist: Bracket
Song: Talk-Show
Tabbed by Bill Fogarty
 Chord Version and corrections by GimpyF 



    E                C#m 
The whole world is watching me
      G#m             A 
As I light up the TV screen
     E       G#
My life's a parade
  C#m            F#
But I've got it made
   A                B
I hope everyone will see

     E                C#m 
I want my ratings to go up
      G#m             A 
I hope you all wish me luck
     E       G# 
I'll act like I care
  C#m           F#
About your welfare
   A                B
And I'll pretend I'll stay in touch

[ Tab from: ]
I want to be on your good side   |
I've got nowhere else to hide    | = Same chords
Everything that you hear         |
May not be sincere               |
At least my voice is amplified   |

C#m         G#m     A             E        
I think my credibility has gone away
C#m         G#m     A             E        
The colors on your television will turn gray
C#m         G#m     A             E        
I'll make a living while i exploit everyone
C#m         G#m     A             E        
I never thought this way of life would be so fun

G|------------------| play
D|------------------| 4x

E            G#      A       E
Please come onto my talk show
E            G#      A       E   x2
I'll share everything I know

C#m  B  A  E