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Aaliyah Song Chords

Title:  The Aaliyah Song
Artist: BoyzIIMen
Tabbed By: Patrick Lawrence Caasi
Tuning: Standard

Intro: D-A-Bm-G

Verse 1:
D			  A                Bm
Every one's in a while, I see her smile
She turns my day around
D				A					Bm
Girl with those eyes, could stare thru the lies
To see what your heart was saying 
[ Tab from: ]
B          F#    Ebm         G#m
Think of Aaliyah, laugh don't cry
C#m              F#         B     F#
I know she'd want it that way, yeah when you 
B          F#    Ebm        G#m
Think of Aaliyah laugh don't cry
C#m            F#          B-F#
I know she'd want it that way

Verse 2:
D              A                        Bm
A friend of a friend, a friend till the end
That's the kind of girl she was
D        A
Taken away so young
Bm          G
Taken away, with out warning woah...

Repeat chorus:


I know you, you're here, in every day we live

I know her, she's near, I can feel her when she sings
D        A             Bm            G
Aaliyah, where are you now, are you far away from here
D         A                       Bm        G
I don't think so, I think you're here yeah, taking our tears away...

Repeat chorus: