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Will You Be There Chords

This is played on piano by alejandro, however the chords given here are in key 
with the song, and guitar does feature in the song playing them, its perfect i think..

C, Am7, F, Am, G... First few verses played with these chords..

D, Fm, G, Bm, A... Then it goes up, (could play F#m also)

E, Gm, A, Cm, B... And up again (G#m as well)

Youll hear the change in key as the song goes along, easy to figure out

Pre Chorus, the ''everyones takin control of me..'' bit

Am, F, G

The very end of the song. ''yea i will be there!x2'' E, Cm, B

Please rate=] Cheers

Just changed the above tabs to sound more like the original, every props to the above

Lyrics below

Hold Me
Like The River Jordan
And I Will Then Say To Thee
You Are My Friend

Carry Me
Like You Are My Brother
Love Me Like A Mother
Will You Be There?
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Tell Me Will You Hold Me
When Wrong, Will You Scold Me
When Lost Will You Find Me?

But They Told Me
A Man Should Be Faithful
And Walk When Not Able
And Fight Till The End
But I'm Only Human

Everyone's Taking Control Of Me
Seems That The World's
Got A Role For Me
I'm So Confused
Will You Show To Me
You'll Be There For Me
And Care Enough To Bear Me

Hold Me (Show Me)
Lay Your Head Lowly (Show Me Yeah)
Softly Then Boldly (Yeah)
Carry Me There (I'm Only Human)

Lead Me (Hold Me Yeah)
Love Me And Feed Me (Love Me Yeah)
Kiss Me And Free Me (Yeah)
I Will Feel Blessed (I'm Only Human)

Carry (Carry Yeah)
Carry Me Boldly (Carry Yeah)
Lift Me Up Slowly (Yeah)
Carry Me There (I'm Only Human)

Save Me (Need Me Yeah)
Heal Me And Bathe Me (Lift Me Up, Life Me Up)
Softly You Say To Me
I Will Be There (I Will Be There)

Lift Me (Hold Me)
Lift Me Up Slowly
Carry Me Boldly (Yeah)
Show Me You Care (I Will Be There)

Hold Me
Lay Your Head Lowly (I Get Lonely Sometimes, I Get Lonely, Yea Yeah)
Softly Then Boldly
Carry Me There (Carry Me There)

Oh I Will Be There
Yeah I Will Be There