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Walk Astray Chords

Em/C/G/D    standard tuning

  Em                         C 
Where were you the day they stole our innocence?
      G                         D
And arranged a sacrifice for everyone in town.
    Em                        C
To bore the words yet to be written underground
    G                      D
To save the money on the kerosene they need.
Em                         C
Were you awake or were you sleeping?
              G             D
Or just too afraid to disagree?

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  Em                            C
Well I don't wanna sing about freedom anymore.
I wanna see it! I wanna feel it!
I wanna know that it still sits beyond 

the lies that we've been told
beyond the wars that keep our families from home,
I know that there's a way.
Dear God, let there be a way
                 C                       D
to change the path we're on (path we're on).
..and believe in a better day.

...have fun, wD