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Harlequin Dream Chords

Harlequin Dream  Boy & Bear

Capo 1
4 counts each (notes on tricky chords at the bottom)

Em       Bm        A        Em
G        Bm        A        A

[Verse 1 and 2]
                           Em                Bm             A    Em
And I've been worried for a while now Cos' you don't look the same
          G             Bm                 A                  A
How the devil takes his toll When you go walking through that flame

                       Em              Bm              A    Em
And I'm not saying it's been easy, but you know all too well
      G         Bm                      A                A
That you cannot replace the space, Your spirit had once held

[Pre chorus:]
       G               Bm         G                    Bm
So we run through the jungle, and I can feel the rhythm of war
              A             A/F#                Em     Em
You see I'm fighting, But I just can't fight anymore
   F#7    F#7
I'm in awe
[ Tab from: ]
         G        G                Bm        Bm
So we'll give ourselves to the Harlequin Dream
Em               Em                  Bm     Bm
Giving over all our friends and our family
          G         G                     Bm   Bm     
And we'll say goodbye to the world that we love
    A             G  (F#7 2nd time)
For I can no longer deny my blood


[Verse 3 and 4]
                           Em            Bm         A     Em
And now you're taking on a kingdom, I'm ravenous for more
    G           Bm              A            A
An appetite so beautiful, But vacant to its core

                        Em           Bm         
I've been living on my instincts, you better 
     A                  Em
You better keep moving along, 
         G                   Bm           A     A
for it seems I have been wondering Far too long

[Pre Chorus]

[Instrumental Bridge]  
G   G    Bm   Bm    Em   Em   Bm   Bm   
G   G    Bm   Bm    A    G  

[Intro  finish on 2nd last A]

F#7 could be played x04320
A/F# could be played with thumb over the top 202220

(as requested by Errol and Sean from OLSH)