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From: Harlan L Thompson 

SOUL DEEP- The Boxtops

G                 C       C D
Darling I don't know much
G                  C      C D
I know I love you so much
G                         C
My life depends on your touch, and...
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    G                       C    G
My love is a river running soul deep
 G                          C    G
Way down inside me it's a soul deep
      G          C           D        Em
It's too big to hide and it can't be denied
    C                        D    G
My love is a river running soul deep

I put myself up before ya
Just to show I adore ya
There's nothing I wouldn't do for ya


 D               Bm  
All I ever ever hope to be
  G              A
Depends on your love for me
  D              Bm
Baby believe me if you should leave me
 G                      C     D
I'd be nothing but an empty shell
I know darn well, I can tell now