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Hank And The Hobo Chords

Writen and recorded by Boxcar Willie

[C] Well, Willie he [C7] carried his [F] guitar on his [C] back
As he hopped aboard a freight [G7] train
And [C] somewhere [C7] in the [F] cold cold [C] dawn
Songs of [G7] Hank he would [C] sing.

Then Willie would sing your Cheatin' Heart
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
And when he sang You Win Again
Not a Hobo would have a dry eye.
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They say old Willie knew every song
That dear old Hank ever wrote
He'd sing them all, word for word
And he'd play them, note for note.

Willie would sing your Cold Cold Heart
By the hobo campfire each night
And sometimes Willie, to me, would sing
Praise God I Saw The Light.

Well, Willie was known on every line
They say he rode every train
His music was a legend among the hobo's
And the songs of [G7] Hank..that..he..[F] sang..[C].